Corporate concierge services

For employees and employers

What we do

Hyppolyt is the only operator in Hungary of on-site corporate concierge services.
We provide services to employees at their working place for their private life.
We provide employers a solution to improve employees engagement and loyalty.

Benefits for Employers

– Retain talents
– Avoid turnover cost
– Increase performance
– Attract new talents
– Well-being of employees

Benefits for Employees

– Save time
– Save money
– Less stress
– Better work and life

How it works

6 easy steps to enjoy Hyppolyt on-site concierge services

The Company subscribes to Hyppolyt package

Employees discover all services they can request

Employees request services at the concierge desk

Hyppolyt concierges complete the requests

Employees pay services at the concierge desk (if not free)

Employees get what they requested at the concierge desk